Brad Vaughn's The Dream of Flight

Michael | Myspace Video

  • The Oleg Maddox series of simulators comprising IL2 Sturmovik,AEP,Forgotten Battles,Pacific Fighters,Pe2.

 JV44  Do335 scheme by UF_Josse

 Flecktarn Do335 by JG51Atze

 Nightfighter Version by Mr.Moonlight,

 Beta testers  Dude163,Nachtjaegerman,BlackLion,WWsandman
D13thMyztu,Pe Valter,Stratos and Pesky.

 All missions and FMB work by Aussie Jim


Russian Forces
1,000,000 Men
3,155 Tanks
16,900 Artillery
German forces
100,000 Men
512 Tanks
344 Artillery
400 AA Guns
Speed check
Speakeasy Speed Test
Status of Earth
Current Earth-Destruction Status
My Luftwaffe Montage

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