Brad Vaughn's The Dream of Flight

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  The Dream of Flight
The winning entry for the 2007 AirShowBuzz dream of flight contest.

 A brilliant video by Brad Vaughan...simHQ member

 See 20MM's simHQ interview here...

 I cannot sum up this work any better than these words posted in the interview...

What is the Dream of Flight?

It's the Artwork that hangs between Heaven & Earth.


It was a year of air show triumph and tragedy, daring and disaster.

A year of inspiration, joy, despair, passion, hope, and so much more.

The year was one of painful loss. People and performers and pilots that no one would have guessed would be lost. Friends, compatriots, more.

Certainly not more in one year.

And yet, it happened. We look for inspiration in such troubled times.

We, in the air show community, had to find some hope.

Brad Vaughan gave us hope and it was in the sky.

He had his own losses, his own pain, and he struggled to fill the void.

Somewhere, somehow, he created a work that filled the void and in the process, helped all of us to reach for more.

For a place in the sky.

We reached to touch it for the ride of our lives. And therein we saw a place of dreams.

A place we all wish for but few attain.

This is story of a dreamer. A dreamer and of dreams come true.

It's a ride for your life and you better hold on tight, because the end has yet to come.

Come along with me now for some of that ride and a glimpse inside one man's dream that became reality.

Russian Forces
1,000,000 Men
3,155 Tanks
16,900 Artillery
German forces
100,000 Men
512 Tanks
344 Artillery
400 AA Guns
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Status of Earth
Current Earth-Destruction Status
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