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  The D0 335

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  • Two DB603E-1 12 cylinder inverted-vee engines in a push pull arrangement-rated 1750-1850 HP each at takeoff.
  • Maximum speed seems to be accepted at 475 mph with MW50 boost at 21,300 feet
  • Armament is one 30mm MK103 cannon,70 rounds, firing through the front propeller hub and 2 15mm MG151/15 cannon,200 rpg, on the engine cowl.
  • Bombload is internally carried at 1,102 lb maximum,external racks were fitted to production models to carry a further 551lb.
  • Wing span 45ft,Length 45ft,Height 16ft
  • Weight empty 16,005lb,Loaded 21,165lb

 Including prototypes it is thought 38 completed aircraft were built with another 22 partially completed,components for another 70 were also produced.Several were flown to and tested in the United States by the US Navy.Two were flight tested in Britain at RAE Farnborough but were but were both destroyed in crashes.Two more were evaluated by the CEV in France.

The DO335 was another one of those brilliant aircraft designed for the Luftwaffe and fouled by politics as well as over engineering.Mechanical unreliability,weak undercarriage and poor foresight ensured it did not make it to the front in time to be of any threat to the allies.

It incorporated many features which ensure it a place in the aircraft hall of fame,a compressed air powered ejection seat,the unusual engine layout,and a reversible pitch tractor airscrew.

The Do335 could outpace any allied fighter of the time although there is no evidence of it being met in combat,one of the only sightings is by Pierre Closterman who may have seen one in the Ardenne area but was outrun even though he was in a Tempest.

For the Luftwaffe it was another case of a brilliant aircraft arriving too late.

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Russian Forces
1,000,000 Men
3,155 Tanks
16,900 Artillery
German forces
100,000 Men
512 Tanks
344 Artillery
400 AA Guns
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