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  The Campaign

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This campaign has been made 'based' on a historical battle that took place in Germany in April of 1945 and using the excellent il2 series of simulator pc games patched to current version pe2.

Imagination has also been used to try and provide a mix of history and an element of enjoyment.

It is not entirely realistic insofar as the plane you will be flying but i have recreated the correct frontline positions day by day as far as i could research,typical air to air and air to ground events,Luftwaffe units operating from Autobans and included briefings based on the days events occurring April 16th 1945 to April 22 between the German and Soviet armies.

The plane you will pilot will be the Dornier 335 ,dubbed Pfiel(arrow) by the German test pilots.

Plagued by mechanical unreliability and lack of aviation fuel,the operational carrer of the Do 335 is very obscure.But lets not let that get in the way of good fun and immersive flying.Rivet counters beware.

Do 335a-0 and A-1 aircraft are thought to have flown a number of missions with EK335.Some were also used by III/K G2 in the spring of 1945.

You will be one of the last of the aces assigned to a unit much like JV44 ,colorful for recognition ,having to operate from obscure Autobhans and wooded areas much like the Luftwaffe in its last months.

It is intended to be not a get in ,fly and shoot series of missions, but to try and recreate insomuch as the game will allow a feeling of the hopelesness of the situation faced in the last weeks of the Eastern Front battles.

I chose the Do 335 because it is one of those like the 262 that was fouled over from the beginning but promised so much.Plus it looks damn cool and performs well within its envelope.

So i have based the entire campaign around this machine as it needs its place within the il2 simulation - and what better place than the last few weeks struggle of the bloodied and battered Reich.

A few pointers...

  • Takeoffs will be hard as you will be operating from primitive and heavily wooded autobhans or cleared village roads
  • Most missions will have a 5-10 minute time to target
  • Mission types include escort,ground attack,recon and Freijagd
  • Flak WILL be heavy
  • You will need to complete a certain amount of the mission to continue,these are not hard ,normally requiring at least getting within a certain radius of the target.
  • You will be bounced by fighters
  • The enemy will be encountered.
  • You will do your best to have fun

Russian Forces
1,000,000 Men
3,155 Tanks
16,900 Artillery
German forces
100,000 Men
512 Tanks
344 Artillery
400 AA Guns
Speed check
Speakeasy Speed Test
Status of Earth
Current Earth-Destruction Status
My Luftwaffe Montage

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